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Waiting for Brick and Stone Repair

Why should I do something?

Letting your brickwork can cause further damage to the structure of your home. People that have brick wrapped around their house can prevent mildew, mold and insect growth in their home – further deterioration exemplify the costs later and can further damage the foundation of your home.

Moisture leaking into any brickwork or stone can rapidly deteriorate and turn a small job into a larger project without some regular maintenance.

Chimney Repair (high roof)

This is what you should expect to see from our professional and safety conscience people. Rest assured, we have years of experience working at heights and protecting your home while doing brick repair and chimney restoration.


Why You Need to Get a Quote

Roger is a long time MN resident who has been in business over 30 years and strives to see jobs through – conscientious crews will respect the property and have a combined decades of service. If you are getting a quote for a lower price, there is a good chance that they are leaving some important work out of the job.